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Related Rates Example

Q: A five foot ladder is leaning against the wall. If the top slides down at a rate of 5 feet per second, then how fast is the base of the ladder moving away from the wall at the instant when the top of the ladder is 3 feet above the ground.

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Fractional Exponents

Q:  What does it mean when you have a fraction as an exponent?

A:  Firstly, we must be familiar with the following: Xa/b = b√Xa

When rewriting, think of a fractional exponent as a “tree”. The top number is the number of branches (how many multiples of X there are) and the bottom number is the root. Continue reading Fractional Exponents

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College Algebra is one of the hardest classes to pass (or get the grade you desire).  Many College Algebra classes have 200-300 students, which makes it hard for a student to get any quality one-on-one time.  If you are struggling or have questions, please post them here so I can help!