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Solving Percent Problems using Proportions

Q:  How do you solve percent problems using proportions?

A:  Generally, there are 3 main parts to a percent problem:  the percent, the part and the total.

The set up is the same for all problems:

part/total = percent/100

(remember, percent means per 100, so it is always out of 100)

Example 1:  Finding the percent:

What percent is 75 of 85?

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Algebra Word Problem Example

Q:  The total cost of a holiday package to a warm climate in January can be modeled using the formula C=x+0.12x+0.15x+38. C is the total cost in dollars. x is the list price of the package in dollars. 0.12 is the tax rate, 12%. 0.15 is the service charge rate,15%. 38 is the airport tax in dollars.  Find the list price when the total cost of the holiday package is $3338.73.

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