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My name is Stacey and I live in Corvallis, Oregon with my two kids.

This site is created by content from you! I help people on Twitter and online who are stuck on math.  You send me a problem, and I write up a solution and an explanation. Pretty simple.

Almost everything here is free.  Read examples and solutions, browse concepts, learn math.  But, I need to make a living too!

Buy tools I create!  I create practice problems (with solutions), note-cards to use on exams, practice tests and other math-helpers.  These are easy to purchase as you are browsing and practicing.  Don’t see a subject you want to learn about?  Contact me and I’ll create it.

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College Algebra is one of the hardest classes to pass (or get the grade you desire).  Many College Algebra classes have 200-300 students, which makes it hard for a student to get any quality one-on-one time.  If you are struggling or have questions, please post them here so I can help!